Novago is a business advisory service for those looking into starting up a business and for those already operating a business in Western Uusimaa (including Hanko, Ingå, Lohja, Raseborg and Siuntio). We offer a range of services from developing business ideas to finding the right contact networks. Our basic advisory service is free of charge.


novago-button2-korjattuWith our advice you avoid unnecessary risks

Our professional advisers can help you assess how to turn a business idea into a business plan, how to start-up a company, find financing and premises. We also help you navigate through the legal questions of starting a business, other mandatory tasks and forms that need to be filled. We are also experts on the market in the region.

1. Contact us and book a time at or call +358 (0)19 369 1865
2. A meeting with a business adviser We will discuss your needs, look at your plans and decide on the next step.
3. Further advice: Statement for the start-up grant, contacts to experts, business development or specific areas of business such as marketing

You can look up some basic advice in English at Enterprise Finland.


Start-up Plus – Marketing and sales consultancy

Organized by the TE-office, but available to all our customers: The Start-Up Plus service is a free expert service for start-up grant customers who have just started their own business. You’ll be coached to improve your skills in sales and marketing. An expert will help you develop a concrete development plan, focusing on marketing and sales, so that your business’ chances to grow and succeed improve.

With Novago, you’ll work on key issues of your business idea starting from:
1. who your target customers are,
2. how you will reach them, and
3. how you will retain your customers so they repeatedly buy from you.

Done properly, your marketing development plan will be a long-term roadmap for your company. In Novago, we know the markets, stakeholders and business experts in Western Uusimaa. You can benefit from our knowledge when developing your company.

-> START-UP PLUS brochure


novago-button3Is it time to grow and expand your markets?
Or do you need advice in financing or marketing?

Companies must ensure their competitiveness at all times. It is a good idea to consider new operating models and update the product and service selection. It pays to update your business plan frequently.We offer sparring and advice on how to find the necessary expertise and financing as well as with expansion of operations, marketing and personnel development, product and service development or in challenging times when you need to adjust your operations. Book a time and come and discuss the development needs of your company!



Start-up inceptor services

The business incubator offers assistance in cultivating business ideas and creating contacts to financiers, local government and other instances offering business services. A business is generally placed in the incubator for 2-3 years. Fresh and innovative business ideas and various research and development projects are of special interest during the selection.

The business incubator agreement includes: initial appraisal, business plan, profitability calculations, financial advice and grant applications, business advice and a development plan, IPR intellectual property rights, mentoring, schooling

The incubator offers the following to new entrepreneurs at our site in Lohja offices with internet-connection, post and reception services, communal meeting- and social rooms as well as cleaning.


novago-button6Change of ownership, buying and selling a company

We offer support for various phases and processes, such as finding someone to take over your business, planning a change of ownership, generational transfer and its smooth implementation, handling legal obligations in connection with a corporate acquisition, and funding arrangements.


novago-button5Re-locating to Western Uusimaa

Novago is at your assistance when you want to move your existing business to Western Uusimaa. We will help you recruit staff and find suitable premises. We will also assist you with market analysis and with locating target groups for your business. Facts and figures on Western Uusimaa


novago-button1-korjattuWhere to find us?

Novago Business Development Ltd has offices both in Lohja and in Raseborg:

Lohja address: Nummentie 12-14, 08100 Lohja, Finland. Google map location here
Raseborg address: Raseborgsvägen 9, 10600 Raseborg, Finland. Google map location here

You can book an appointment from or tel +358 (0)19 369 1865.

Novago Business Development Ltd is owned by the communities of Western Uusimaa.

We also have meeting rooms to rent! Images and prices in Finnish here.