A Change of Ownership

Novago’s consultants can advise you on planning and successfully executing a change in ownership of your business, as well as taking care of statutory obligations in conjunction with a business sale, and obtaining the necessary funding.

A change in ownership usually takes time, regardless of whether the person taking over comes from the same family or not. Make sure you leave enough time for practical arrangements. Preparing mentally for the change is almost equally important. Often both the seller and the buyer are inexperienced in a deal such as this. It is important for both parties to receive confidential and impartial advice.

Stages of a change of ownership:

  • Awakening of interest; starting to look into what a change of ownership implies.
  • Leave enough time for preparations and decision-making.
  • Once decisions have been carefully made, move on to the execution stage.

Make an appointment with an expert consultant. Our services are confidential and personalised. Our basic advice is free, but we can also direct you on to further expert services that may be subject to charge. We work in close collaboration with Business Mentors Finland.



Jarkko Toivonen
Jarkko Toivonen
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Roy Sjöblom
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