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A new circular economy ecosystem being built in Western Uusimaa

Novago Business Development, Lohja Region Environmental Cluster (Lohjan seudun ympäristöklusteri) and Laurea University of Applied Sciences have convened a group of experts to jointly build a circular economy network.

In the circular economy seminar hosted by Novago Business Development in Lohja on 22 January 2020, the discussion focused on how recycling materials and utilisation of side stream waste as well as the water and air cycles are at the heart of the circular economy.

According to Novago’s expert Esa Viitamo:

“There is a strong background in circular economy expertise in Western Uusimaa, especially in the Lohja region, and its development has been supported by a successful coordination of industrial resource efficiency and environmental protection needs.”

The circular economy and clean technologies will play an increasingly prominent role in improving the competitiveness and reforming the economic structure of the municipalities in Western Uusimaa. Small- and medium-sized companies are already seeing the importance of environmental branding and networking, which requires closer cooperation between municipalities, educational institutions and businesses across the regional borders.

In addition to the “circular economy landscape”, the seminar introduced new plans for teaching circular economy and developing regional expertise by Laurea University of Applied Sciences and the City of Vantaa. Sakari Ermala from Verte Oy presented the industrial-scale operating model of the circular economy business park in Pirkanmaa. The area is an undeniable success story that can be used as inspiration for the Lohja region.

The seminar culminated in an expert workshop where small groups outlined practical objectives, policies and organisation for the future Western Uusimaa circular economy ecosystem. Laurea’s workshop method showed that innovation groups composed of different fields of expertise can also help in building a wider community.

The companies and municipal representatives who attended the circular economy seminar hoped that Novago would continue to act as the coordinator of the local ecosystem in the future. This was seen as a natural solution since advice on profitable business and networking are two of Novago’s core functions.

The development of the Western Uusimaa circular economy network forms part of the ongoing Tutka project (

More information: Esa Viitamo, Business development, Novago Business Development Ltd,,+358 44-7681045


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