A Start-up grant and Start-up Plus service

A start-up grant is money intended to help new entrepreneurs get by at the time of starting up new business operations. We can help you make We can help you make these. Schedule a time for a free consulting session!

Remember to apply for the grant before starting up your business.

A start-up grant is a personal aid for the entrepreneur, granted for six (6) months at the beginning of business operations. An extension of a maximum of six months can also be obtained for the grant. The extension must be applied for at the latest one month before the end of the first grant period. Read more about the requirements and application process from the TE Office.

Benefit from the Start-up Plus service

Start-up Plus is a free service offered by the TE Office to those who have received a start-up grant. If you are in Western Uusimaa, Novago’s business consultants can provide you with ideas and a written development plan to support your sales and marketing. This is an opportunity worth taking to help you reach customers even better than before. Ask more about Start-up Plus by contacting the TE Office that approved your grant, and tell them you are willing to develop your business further.


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