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Plastic waste that ends up in water and nature is a global problem. Finnish companies are on a mission to become pioneers in the utilisation of recycled plastic. The recycling process begins with the collection, separation and processing of plastic so that the material can be reused for the manufacture of ecological products. Bio-based and

A new circular economy ecosystem being built in Western Uusimaa

Novago Business Development, Lohja Region Environmental Cluster (Lohjan seudun ympäristöklusteri) and Laurea University of Applied Sciences have convened a group of experts to jointly build a circular economy network. In the circular economy seminar hosted by Novago Business Development in Lohja on 22 January 2020, the discussion focused on how recycling materials and utilisation of

Your own, or the company’s money?

I often receive visits from starting entrepreneurs who have a clear business idea but concerns about managing their finances and taxes. Should I transfer the car into my company’s name? And how…

MyNovago brings entrepreneurs together

MyNovago is a meeting place for entrepreneurs in the Western Uusimaa region – virtual or physical, as necessary. MyNovago exchanges ideas on social media and shares the joys…