Business partners

Business partners

– A boost for businesses is a boost for us all –

Business partner network Novago welcomes new members into its network of specialist service providers. Our aim is to support businesses at every stage of their life cycles by providing expertise, knowledge and experience. You gain effectively targeted marketing through shared visibility on the local business development enterprise’s website. Any reputable company that offers services and competence needed by entrepreneurs can apply to join our network of partners.

Benefits for members:
– visibility (presentation in Finnish, Swedish and English plus link to website) on the Novago Business Development Ltd website, and opportunities for offering specialist services
– possibility to attend Novago’s events
– right to use Novago Business Development Ltd’s name in marketing

Membership fees:
Annual fee based on company size:
– 1–10 employees: €400
– 11–30 employees: €800
– >30 employees: €1,200
– associations and educational institutions: €200
– banks and insurance companies: €1,200


Give us the names of your company and contact person and we will be in touch!

I grant permission for Novago Business Development Ltd to store my details in its database and use them in mailings (Privacy Policy). The customer must ensure that the data provided to Novago Business Development Ltd or its representative is accurate and correct. Novago Business Development Ltd is not liable for the financial or tax-related consequences of actions taken based on the advice and suggestions provided as part of consulting provided to customers.

Basic company details

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We offer businesses a comprehensive network of experts who provide diverse services for businesses. All those listed here are willing to help your business blossom. Visit their websites for further details of their services.

Novago’s business partners

Fibren Oy / Tilana LKV
Tilana LKV is a real estate agency that specialises in sales, rentals and valuations of commercial properties, as well as property development. We look after sales and rentals on behalf of the property owners and help those looking for business premises to find the best options for their companies. In conjunction with business acquisitions, we can assist the sellers and buyers in determining the value of properties and creating the documents necessary for the transaction. We operate in Western Uusimaa, with a particular focus on the Lohja region.

MK-Law Oy
MK-Law Oy is a law firm specialising in commercial law. We can help small and large businesses alike with their legal needs. Our advice covers contract law, company law, acquisitions and mergers, and tax law, among others. We can also assist with issues related to labour, technology and immaterial rights legislation, as well as conflict resolutions. Geographically we cover Finland and Russia. Vi betjänar också på svenska.

Memeri Ay Accounting Firm
Outsource your financial and payroll management to an expert and save time for essentials: your core business. We work flexibly to come up with the best accounting and payroll service package for your business. Established in 2004, our company currently employs seven experts in the field (two of them as freelancers). Our office is located in central Lohja. Memeri is an authorised member of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms.

Agens Oy
Watch this video to learn more about our vision and mission! Agens is a new-generation digital law firm that offers businesses and entrepreneurs interactive, smart and adaptable business contracts, with a legal expert’s assistance if necessary, legal assistance on an hourly charged basis, and legal and financial consulting for businesses. Besides commercial and contract law, our network of expert partners offers access to wide-ranging competence. Our efficient operating model guarantees the lowest prices in the sector. Vi betjänar också på svenska.