Suitable financing for diverse situations

Money is needed at every stage of self-employment. When starting up a business you need working capital, because expenses tend to exceed income at the beginning. As a company grows and develops, investments require capital – either your own or from somewhere else.

A carefully considered business plan and financing calculations are essential in order to obtain outside funding. Novago’s business consultants can help you in planning investments and financing, as well as making funding applications. We are well connected with local financial institutions and possess knowledge of various forms of support.

Make sure to contact us in good time, while planning your financing needs. You don’t have to think of everything by yourself. The best way to ensure business profitability is to get hold of suitable financing, and there are many options.

An investment is an expense with long-term effects, which is expected to produce returns over more than one financial year.
A company’s equity capital usually consists of the capital invested into the company (for example by the entrepreneur in person), as well as capital generated through internal financing during operations, which has been left in the company.
External capital can be provided for the company in the form of a bank loan, for example, and it becomes a liability.
Interest is the compensation paid to the lender (e.g. a bank) for loaned capital.
A guarantee refers to giving the guarantor’s property as collateral for a loan.
A business angel is a person who invests his or her own money in a growth company. Often they stand in as a board member or mentor for the company.
Crowdfunding is a method for obtaining funding via platforms that exist for the purpose online.

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