Frequently asked questions

I haven’t finished my business plan yet. Can I still book a time for consulting?

You are welcome to make an appointment to meet one of our consultants even if your business plan is not complete. Our consulting services are available at any stage, even if you just want to discuss your business idea or receive advice at the start of planning. You can bounce ideas off us and we will help in formulating your business plan and making calculations. We recommend having another meeting with a consultant once your plan is ready and you intend to apply for a start-up grant. Schedule an appointment now!


I am only a part-time entrepreneur. Can I still apply for a start-up grant?

You can apply for a start-up grant once you expand your business to be full-time. Start-up grants can only be granted to full-time, continuous business operations. The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) approves applications on a case-by-case basis. Keep in mind, though, that you have to apply for the start-up grant before you start working full-time. Book a time with one of our consultants before applying. We can spar with you on your business plan and help to make sure you get your application off at the right time, with information that will help you convince the financing party of the profitability of your future business.

I am only just starting out in business. Is it better to hire an accountant or to do my own accounts at the beginning?

It is always worth it for entrepreneurs to employ an accounting firm or accountant to look after their books. This will free up time for you to focus on essentials, i.e. business development and sales. A good accountant is a reliable partner who will help you understand the basic financial aspects of your business. When choosing an accountant, we recommend visiting the website of the Association of Finnish Accounting Firms (TAL).

Our consultants can also help you choose an accountant.

I have been thinking about selling my business. Whom should I contact? No one in my family can take over.

Novago’s consultants and network of experts can advise you on finding a buyer and familiarising them with your business, on planning and successfully executing the change in ownership, on taking care of statutory obligations in conjunction with the sale, and on obtaining the necessary funding. Often both the seller and the buyer are inexperienced in a deal such as this. A change in ownership usually takes time, regardless of whether the person taking over comes from the same family or not. The Federation of Finnish Enterprises has a checklist related to takeovers, which is worth checking out. Be sure also to book a time with one of our consultants.

How much do your services cost?

Our services are personal, confidential and free of charge for all residents of Hanko, Ingå, Lohja, Siuntio and Raseborg, and anyone planning to start up a business in those areas.

Is Novago a Finnish Enterprise Agency?

Yes it is, but it also provides consulting on many other things besides starting up a new business.

I started my business years ago. Can I still ask for advice?

Yes, our consultants are here to help you at every stage of your company’s life cycle. You can ask us anything, from how to develop your business to how to close it down. We want to support you in meeting every kind of challenge.

What data on me do you store in your systems when I become a Novago customer?

NNovago collects personal data directly from data subjects. Our customers give us their details, for example on a paper customer information form, at the start of the customer relationship or when registering for an event. Novago only collects data given voluntarily by the customer, and they include: first name and surname, email, telephone number, street address, town, date of birth, gender, citizenship, contact language, education, work status, career and work experience. The personal data are collected for the purpose of managing the relationship between Novago and the customer, and marketing Novago’s services and events. Please read our Privacy Policy.