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Develop your business

There are many different opportunities for growth within a business

You may need more personnel, seek new markets, or have to rethink your business arrangements. That’s the right time to book a free appointment with us. Novago’s business consultants are confidential partners for your company, who will familiarise themselves in depth with your circumstances. Once you get to know them, they will be easy to contact at any crossroads, large or small – always according to your needs.

Recognise market opportunities

Not far from the heart of Europe, the Western Uusimaa region is an excellent place to internationalise your business. Route E18 provides easy access to Lohja, and the port of Hanko, a shipping gateway to the rest of Europe, is also just a short distance away. Internationalisation can take the form of doing business with foreign customers or moving all or part your own business to another country. Western Uusimaa offers excellent opportunities for both.

Which market has a healthy demand for your company’s products and expertise? Our network of experts is home to a skilled group of international trade and market research specialists. We work closely with the Finnish Chamber of Commerce, Finnvera, Business Finland and many other experts in international trade and markets. If your company is looking to internationalise its business, we have the expertise you need!

Start planning your change of ownership sooner rather than later

Novago’s experts offer invaluable advice for planning and implementing a change in ownership, meeting your obligations during the acquisition process and organising the necessary financing. Whether the new owner is a family member or a completely new acquaintance, changes in ownership are a process that usually takes a significant amount of time to complete. It is important to set aside enough time to organise the practicalities. It is at least as important to be mentally prepared for the change. In many cases, both the assignor and assignee are new to the process. Reliable and even-handed consultation is vital for both parties.

The steps of a change in ownership:


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