MyNovago is a meeting place for entrepreneurs in the Western Uusimaa region. Virtual or physical, as necessary.

MyNovago exchanges ideas on social media and shares the joys and agonies of entrepreneurship. MyNovago’s members interact at events, while working, on coffee breaks or in training sessions.

MyNovago is a business incubator that doesn’t incubate anything. MyNovago is not only a place, but also a state of mind and an attitude. MyNovago spars with and cheers on entrepreneurs from Western Uusimaa in networking, finding new business partners and, above all, infusing their business with new enthusiasm.

MyNovago serves diverse needs

Do you work from home but occasionally need a quiet place to meet a customer?

  • Do you need an undisturbed virtual meeting    space with well-functioning connections?
  • Would it boost your productivity to have a daily coffee break and an exchange of ideas with other entrepreneurs – even a virtual one?
  • Does your work community comprise various networks that don’t overlap?

Ninety-eight per cent of entrepreneurs in Western Uusimaa work alone. Many if them love being independent sole traders, but sometimes it’s nice to exchange views with others in the same boat – even if it’s just for the duration of a cup of coffee. MyNovago offers the facilities and tools for meeting other entrepreneurs. Don’t hesitate to join us! MyNovago can also be found on social media as #mynovago.