Recruitment services

Recruiting a new employee is a big step, whether your business is small or large. Well-being through recruitment > Recruiting well-being service can help you at all stages of recruitment. We assist you in finding and recruiting applicants, and advise you on important support and training opportunities.

For a small business, a deficit of even one employee can put everything out of whack. Sometimes you need seasonal help and at other times a long-term worker. The time and place are not always optimal when recruitment is necessary.

We’ll work with you to find the right employee. Our service covers all sectors and contracts of various lengths.

We can advise you on many employment-related matters. Did you know you could be eligible for a pay subsidy when recruiting an employee? We can also help with various short-term training needs, for example if your new employee needs a Hygiene Passport or an Occupational Safety Card.

When planning your training needs, we can help you make use of apprenticeships or the joint procurement procedure of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

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Tiina Lindholm
Recruitment services

”Rekrypalvelu on ollut meille aivan korvaamaton apu. Työntekijöiden etsimisestä ja lukuisista haastatteluista säästyvä aika on meille kultaakin kalliimpaa. Olemme saaneet tätä kautta loistavia tekijöitä.”

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