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There are many exciting things about entrepreneurship. Also many concerns at the start.

Starting out as an entrepreneur is often a step into the unknown. At the very least it is a big decision, and for many people it can be a huge life change. There are lots of things to consider in the early days of running a business, from the location to the choice of accountant. You have to sort out insurance and get a website. There are expenses even though there is no income as yet. Funding is needed already at the start, and it often needs to come from an external source.

Take a step back from the buzzing questions

Before you act, take some time to hammer out your company’s vision: what you want to achieve with your business operations? Think for a moment about your identity as an entrepreneur, the values on which you intend to base your company. This puts you on the path towards the core of your company, your business idea: what do you produce, for whom and how? Once your business idea starts to become clear, you can begin to make a business plan.

Out of the businesses that have started up through Enterprise Agencies, 90% are still in operation after two years and over 80% continue to operate after five years.

We have collected a number of links related to starting up a business in Finland

Entrepreneur fund
protect yourself against unemployment by joining the Entrepreneur Fund.

The Entrepreneurs Guide
is a must-read for anyone planning to start up operations.
is a site (in Finnish) with a lot of practical information for entrepreneurs, including a start-up checklist.

can help with financing and guarantees.

The Finnish Business Information System (YTJ)
is a shared service of the Patent and Registration Office (PRH) and the Tax Administration, where you can make joint reports to both authorities. The information you report is logged with the Trade Register, the Register of Foundations, and the Tax Administration’s VAT Register, Tax Prepayment Register and Employer Register.

The Patent and Registration Office (PRH)
is the place where you have to register your new business.

The Tax Administration
will help from the very start of setting up a business, and their site contains a lot of information.

ELY Centre
short for Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, ELY Centre grants companies business development aid and provides assistance in e.g. internationalisation.

Business Finland
offers funding for internationalisation as well as innovation and growth research.

provides agricultural entrepreneurs expert assistance on a variety of topics related to business development.

Our offices

Our offices are in Lohja and Raasepori, but we move nimbly to our business customers in Hanko, Inkoo, Lohja, Raasepori and Siuntio.

Our business counselling currently takes place as remote and telephone counselling and meetings at the office by appointment.

This is a good time to schedule an appointment with a business consultant

We will help you in formulating your business plan and crystallising your business idea. At the same time you will receive a clearer understanding of insurance matters, financing needs and methods, and accounting issues – maybe even that web designer. You don’t have to be alone with your questions. Entrepreneurs need a sparring partner at all stages of their journey, and even during their first steps. We are here for you. Our services are personal, confidential and free of charge for all residents of Hanko, Ingå, Lohja, Siuntio and Raseborg, and anyone planning to start up a business in those areas. We recommend familiarising yourself with the Finnish Enterprise Agencies’ Entrepreneur Guide, which you can download or pick up from our offices. Let’s schedule a meeting at the same time, so that we can help you fulfil your dreams. Book an appointment for starting a business counseling via electronic appointment booking.

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The Guide to Entrepreneurship helps you in setting up your business. You can download the guide or get it form our office.