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Licenses and notifications

Before you start operating, find out whether your line of business is subject to licences, permits notifications to the authorities, or registration. To obtain a licence, an applicant is usually required to have professional competence, a good reputation and the legal capacity to contract. Your financial situation may also affect your ability to obtain a licence. If you are not a citizen of Finland, your origins will affect what licences, permits or registrations you need.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the Finnish Enterprise Agencies’ Entrepreneur Guide, which contains lists of the licensing and competence requirements for diverse sectors. Our consultants can help you find out about official requirements for your business. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding licensing and registration.

Check licensing requirements before starting up your business

The website lists a large number of licences needed by businesses.
Social service and health care licences:
Finnish Food Safety Authority:
Regional Administration Agency:
Import and export licences:

TCopyrights: and
Permits for playing background music:
Permits to use images of artists’ work:
Permits for copying materials subject to copyright:

Also check what permits your local municipality requires!

Make sure to check the licensing and registration requirements for your sector, and the authorisation and competence needs of your profession in good time before starting up your business.

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