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Many methods and channels are needed for finding the right job. Only a small proportion of job openings are publicly announced: well over a half are so-called hidden jobs. We know the Western Uusimaa job market like the back of our hands.

Take the first step by phoning or visiting us. We will find you a job that feels right to you. We’ll help you in polishing your application into top condition, and will equip you with handy tips for job interviews. We won’t force you to take something unsuitable!

Are your CV and job application on top form?
Applying for jobs means marketing your own competence. We will help you hone your CV and application so that they are a good match for the job that is on offer.

The job interview is the finishing touch
It is important to prepare properly for a job interview. That is another area where we can help. Let’s crystallise your objectives together and make sure your strengths really stand out at this important meeting.

The signing of the employment contract is no less important
We can also help you with contract-related matters. We’ll work with you to ensure all the details have been ironed out before you start working.

If you’re looking for work, we’re looking for you!

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Tiina Lindholm
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